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For further information on specific claims, please see the following:

This is the legislation that governs the specific claims process.

This is a booklet on specific claims written by the Government of Canada.

This is a news release from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (June 18/08) regarding the new Specific Claims Tribunal Act.

Article by Peggy Blair in Lawyers' Weekly(April 24/09) 

This is an interesting description of the history of the specific claims process in Canada.

Brantford, Ont. — The Canadian Press Published on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010

Ottawa has offered $145-million to settle two outstanding land claims filed by a band in southern Ontario.Ottawa made the offer to settle the Brant Tract claim from a land purchase made in 1797 and the Toronto Purchase claim from 1805. The basis of the two claims is that Canada did not provide the First Nation with adequate compensation for the land at the time of purchase.


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